Archer West Security offers security vehicle patrols on a 24/7 basis. Our former law enforcement staff will patrol your office building, industrial site, neighborhood or apartment complex, keeping a visible presence and helping to deter crime. We are expertly trained to be aware of anything that looks unusual or out of the ordinary, we know how to act quickly and effectively to any security situation, and we work closely with local authorities to ensure your property or neighborhood stays safe.


Our local Las Vegas police officers are stretched thinner than ever with law enforcement being as busy as they are responding to our tourist population and growing resident population. Officers are finding their time is being spent responding to emergency calls and they do not have the time to devote to performing the preventive patrols that deter vandals, trespassers and other criminals who are up to no good. Give Archer West Security a call if you are concerned about the safety and security of your business, property or home. We are the premier security company of Las Vegas and we can offer security solutions that are designed specifically for your place of business or home, keeping you and your property safe. Las Vegas is an amazing place to live, but it is not without its share of dangers and risks.

Our security vehicle patrol units act as a deterrent, helping to prevent property damage and loss in the first place, but in the event of a security incident, you can trust our team to respond efficiently and effectively, to restore safety and security to your business location or neighborhood. Our security patrols are a highly visible part of your operation and just our presence alone, will likely prevent any criminal activity. Criminals are far likely to choose locations without visible security measures in place than not, so make sure you have a security presence that can be seen and a security team that has the experience to handle any situation.

Our Security Professionals

  • Can help prevent or control access to your property
  • Monitor parking lots where fleet vehicles are held
  • Secure and monitor construction sites after hours to prevent theft of materials and damage to property
  • Help residents feel more safe and secure and give a security presence to neighborhoods that have had vandalism and other security breaches.
  • Can monitor and secure business complexes and parking lots during and after hours to prevent car break-ins and damage or loss of property.
  • Patrol in fast and stylish vehicles with light bars and microphones, ensuring we are seen and heard.
  • Provide security patrol services from courtesy patrols to 24-hour patrols.
Archer West Security is Las Vegas’ best choice for providing 24-hour safety and patrol services. Our professional, experienced and personable staff provide the peace of mind our clients need, no matter the size or duration of your project. When it comes to securing your property, trust the best. Trust Archer West Security.
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