Keep your construction project on track and on budget, with Archer West Security. We will make the investment worth it by providing expert level on-site security services around the clock, mitigating construction material, equipment and project loss.


Making sure your construction site is fully protected around the clock is essential to any construction project’s success, and the larger the project, the more important construction site security becomes. Keeping large equipment and materials at the job site overnight and on weekends can expedite a project, saving time and the labor costs of moving these items back and forth to secured storage locations, however, all savings are lost with theft. Construction sites are highly vulnerable to theft of materials, as well as the damage of property and equipment, potentially causing thousands of dollars in loss and damage, not to mention time.

Are you constructing a residence, apartment complex, retail building or a multimillion-dollar corporate building? Regardless of the size of your construction project, Archer West Security can provide construction site security that can prevent materials and property from being stolen, damaged or otherwise lost.
The quantity of tools and equipment on any given construction site, make it a target for theft. While many of these items are easily locked away at the end of each work day, there are many that cannot be. With Archer West Security providing construction site security, you won’t have to worry about your valuable tools and equipment being stolen or damaged.

Emergencies at construction sites, such as fires or break-ins are not uncommon, and they can occur night or day. Our construction site security guards provide monitoring around the clock to ensure no issues arise. If there is an emergency, our expertly trained security guards will respond effectively and efficiently to resolve the issue. We can handle any emergency that comes up at your construction site and will work with the proper local authorities to get your site re-secured quickly.

Having a fence around your construction site will deter most people from wandering onto your project, but for some people, a fence is just an invitation to trespass, vandalize and steal. Don’t rely on fencing alone to keep your construction site safe. Our security professionals will ensure protective methods are in place and provide a visible presence, preventing trespassing.

We certainly can’t control the weather, but we can notify you when heavy rains or high winds are putting your expensive materials and equipment at risk. Let Archer West Security protect you from the expense and time it takes to replace equipment and materials damaged by inclement weather.

Construction sites are known to be prone to accidents. Our security professional will help to identify safety issues as they arise to prevent them from causing serious harm to your crew. Reduce fees and liability for your construction company while maintaining a safe construction site.

Archer West Security has a strong working relationship with many of the construction companies in the Las Vegas area. We understand the unique security challenges construction companies face and would be proud to serve you too.

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