When a company, organization or event requires security guard services, they shouldn’t settle. But when an organization needs armed security guard services, they need the absolute best.


Armed security guards provide a strong, visible presence that can prevent crime, and can respond quickly to any emergency to preserve safety and property. Knowing you have onsite, armed security guards can provide peace of mind, as well as an additional layer of protection to your existing security measures.

From armed security personal that are well-trained in security and law enforcement, and an industry-wide reputation for excellence, Archer West Security provides the best in Las Vegas armed security. Our clients rely on our knowledge and experience to keep them safe.

No matter how small or how large your organization is and whether you have a short-term or long-term need, we can provide you with the top-level armed security guards you need to keep you safe, 24/7.

Armed security services for

  • Government building security
  • Hotel and Motels security
  • Church security
  • Retail security and loss prevention
  • Political event security
  • Commercial building security
  • Residential and neighborhood security
  • School and college campus security
  • Cargo theft security
  • Medical facility security
  • Hospitality security
  • Manufacturing and industrial security
  • Cultural organization security
  • Concert venue security
  • Sports venue security
Our armed security guards provide a secure and comfortable environment to our clients using enforcement through reinforcement practices, rather than intimidation. It is our policy to ensure that our armed guards maintain an approachable presence so that they preserve feelings of community and your company or brand loyalty, while providing the highest level of security to your organization or event.
We know that first impressions matter, as your security partner, we represent you. Our armed security guards will always act as top-notch professionals and will look the part too. From neat and clean uniforms to a polished personal appearance, our security company will represent you well, while we provide you with the best armed security service in Las Vegas
As former law enforcement professionals, Archer West Security maintains strict recruiting and hiring guidelines, as well as expert-level training for our armed security personnel. Each of our candidates are meticulously evaluated and thoroughly trained so that we can provide you with the most experienced and trained armed guards available. Our guards are fully certified, licensed and insured and each armed guard on our team receives on-going training in the law, defensive tactics, patrol techniques, other policing tactics, so they will always respond to any security threat effectively and efficiently.
We take a proactive approach when it comes to providing security to our clients because we know that a single preventable security threat can lead to unnecessary loss of property and risk to personal. We will partner with your company or organization to create security strategies that will keep you fully protected and save you from unnecessary down time and financial loss. We look forward to working with you and protecting the assets you find most valuable.
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