We provide scheduled, same day and rush courier service to the Las Vegas valley and offer courier services for documents, small packages and large cargo alike. If you need to get it there safely, our expertly trained security team can do it.


When every minute matters, Archer West Security provides businesses and individuals in Las Vegas courier service to ensure that your important packages and documents get delivery safely and securely. When your package or document is too valuable to ship through traditional delivery methods, or it needs to be delivered quickly, trust the security professionals at Archer West Security to deliver it safely, securely and fast. We are the exceptional choice for courier service in Las Vegas.

We Are

  • Bonded and insured for high-value items
  • On-time and accurate
  • Highly professional and discreet

We Offer

  • Marked or unmarked vehicle options
  • Scheduled delivery service
  • Same day delivery throughout Las Vegas
  • Rush courier service
  • VIP transport

Standard Courier Services

For the pick up and delivery of your time sensitive documents and packages, Archer West Security provides courier service within the Las Vegas Valley. We will get your package to its destination safely and on-time. Our courier service staff are skilled, experienced and highly professional, and prepared to meet your deadlines with our fast delivery service.

With our scheduled delivery service, you have the option of getting daily pick-ups for your many types of repetitive deliveries. Whether it’s daily warehouse sweeps, interoffice delivers or bank deposits, Archer West Security is ready and there when you need us. Day in, and day out.
A missing part or waiting for important documents can bring your business to a halt. Use our emergency delivery service to keep your business on track. Our team will get your package delivered as quickly as possible so you can do business as usual.

Specialty Courier Services

For when you need a higher-level of courier service, let Archer West Security provide our white glove delivery service. Whether it’s a high-value item or delicately fragile, we will deliver your item along with our top-notch, white glove service that only Archer West Security can provide. We are bonded and insured for high-value items. Items can be delivered in marked or unmarked vehicles, depending upon your need.

Sometimes, the item you need delivered is not an item at all. When you need to ensure that your VIP is safely and securely transported to or from the airport or other location, the security professionals at Archer West Security are the obvious choice. For additional care, please consider our executive protection services.

No matter what (or who) you need to deliver safely, Archer West Security will ensure that your important package arrives at its destination safe, secure and on time. Choose Archer West Security when you want to best courier service in Las Vegas. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, with every delivery.
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