There are many different situations where unarmed security guards are the best option for maintaining security. From apartment complexes or residential neighborhoods to a large sporting event or concert that will require crowd control. Our unarmed security officers can provide high levels of safety. It is for this reason, that a growing number of clients request unarmed security guard services to protect the public, employees, residents and their property.


At Archer West Security, we understand that this is a necessity for you, and we make it our priority to provide you with the best security team for your project, event or property. With the most effective training in the industry, our guards will efficiently respond to any security issue quickly and professionally.

Unarmed Security services for

  • Retail security for loss prevention
  • Commercial building security
  • Entertainment security
  • Cargo theft security
  • Residential security
  • School and university campus security
  • Medical complex security
  • Cultural organization security
  • Industrial and manufacturing security
  • Hospitality security
  • Church security
  • Hotel and motel security
  • Special event security
  • Government building security
To ensure we provide our clients with the highest level of security services, our security team is fully licensed, certified and insured to state standards. We understand the importance of employing highly qualified security professionals and we exceed industry standards in our screening and hiring processes. In addition to certification and licensing, our security guards must pass stringent aptitude and drug tests, background checks and company training so that our clients can be assured that the security team who is hired to provide their security is the best, most competent team in the industry.
Our security team is expertly trained and supervised by our former law enforcement supervisory personnel. With this, you can be sure that you have the highest level of security at your event, residence or place of business. Your assigned security team will maintain direct contact with our headquarters, ensuring that all rules, laws and regulations are observed. With this direct communication, our clients can be assured that any concerns or issues that arise will be effectively and efficiently addresses. Customer service and security are always our top priority and our supervisors will work with your security team to ensure that nothing is left to chance. By providing this level of care to our clients, we have earned a reputation as the company of choice for security services in Las Vegas.
Combining the highest level of unarmed guard security available, with our outstanding customer service, Archer West Security will always put the needs of your company first, while ensuring the reputation of your company by representing you professionally. We do not follow the lead of other Las Vegas security companies, we set the standard that other security companies strive to achieve. You can be sure that our security guards will represent you professionally and provide the best security services available in the industry.
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