When it comes to business and residential security, it is the primary concern of employees and residents of companies, gated communities, condominiums and apartment complexes, HOAs and other managed communities. Everyone wants to live and work in a safe and secure place, and you shouldn’t expect anything less. Business and residential security should not be taken for granted. Not when over 2 million break-ins take place in the United States annually.


A home burglary takes place every 13 seconds. There are a reported 2500 automobiles stolen every day. That is one every 2 seconds, and often this takes place when the car is parked at home. Studies show, not surprisingly, that reliable, visible and appropriate business and residential security services can dramatically cut the risk. That is where Archer West Security Services comes in. With expert level security services that can’t be beat. Security is our expertise and you are our number one priority.

Our Las Vegas security company can provide expertly trained security officers and security guards who conduct gatehouse patrolling, gatehouse security, business patrolling, office building security, corporate office security, and armed or unarmed security to assist in prevention, detection and deterrence of any vandalism or theft in your community or facility. Our gatehouse security guards can provide patrol of your commercial property or community and secure your gatehouse with clearly marked or unmarked vehicles, providing your facility or community with a deeper level of protection.

We tailor Gatehouse Security to you

Every community and business are different, and you have security needs that are unique to you. Archer West Security will work with you to assess your needs and determine the necessary logistics to protect your property and the people within it. We will tailor a security strategy to you and assist you in providing the highest level of profession security services, thus mitigating risk to your residents and employees, as well as your property.
  • Uniformed security at your gatehouse
  • Corporate Gatehouse Security
  • HOA/Residential Gatehouse Security
  • Apartment complex/Condominium Gatehouse Security
  • Security foot patrols
  • Mobile security guards
  • Highly professional and experienced guards

Gatehouse security is all about customer service, and Archer West Security guards are the best at it!

The gatehouse security services that are provided by Archer West Security are unmatched. Our former law enforcement team is highly trained to respond to any security situation that may arise on your property and the presence of our guards alone, is often the deterrent that is needed to prevent theft and vandalism from taking place. Protect your property and prevent access to anyone who should not have access with our professional gatehouse security services.

Whether you are an HOA officer, property manager or another decision-maker in your business or community, you know that your residents or employees expect nothing less than exceptional when it comes to the company that secures your property. When you let Archer West Security partner with your company or community, you can beat the burglary statistics and provide a sense of safety and security to your residents and employees that can’t be beat.

We offer a full staff of fully insured, licensed, affordable and expertly trained security guards. This means you will not have to worry about logistics, scheduling or unexpected absences, whether you oversee one property or many.

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