Businesses and commercial property owners in Las Vegas, are dealing with a growing number of security and safety concerns. What happens when your commercial property has an after-hours emergency?

Commercial Security SERVICES

It’s 2:00am on a windy and cold night. Your get notified that your commercial security alarm is going off, and you have no idea if it is a real emergency or not, so you must get up and out the door quickly to head to your commercial property to see if everything is okay. If it is a false alarm, you have lost much needed sleep. If it is an actual emergency, you are left to face a burglary in action or other emergency, and you must stay until the authorities have secured your property, very likely keeping you up all night.

That is the reality, unless you have Archer West Security providing your commercial security services.

With our team of professional security guards protecting your commercial property, you will never get called, unless it is an actual emergency. When a real emergency occurs, our team will work with law enforcement and emergency responders to ensure that your property is secured quickly and will stay onsite, so you don’t have to.

If an alarm sounds, your property will be thoroughly checked by our security team and we will notify the appropriate authorities if there is an actual security issue or emergency. We’ll notify you immediately, but we can ensure that your property gets secured as quickly as possible, without you having to be present.

Our Commercial Security can include

  • Business hours security
  • After hours security
  • Commercial property loss prevention
  • Prevention of commercial vandalism
  • Commercial property safety and access control
  • Commercial property alarm monitoring and response
  • Vehicle patrols of commercial property
  • Foot patrols of commercial property
  • Armed or unarmed security
  • Full security uniforms or plain clothes security
  • Reporting of graffiti, illegal dumping and other property damage directly to the property manager

When Experience Matters Most

We have years of experience in the security field and have the ability to staff large commercial complexes. Our former law enforcement security team is expertly trained in providing the highest level of security, but we take it a step further, by providing the highest level of customer service.

When we partner with you to protect your commercial property, we know that our team is often the first face that guests and tenants meet. It is always our goal to present a best first impression, so your company is well represented to the public. We aim to be recognized as a highly professional asset to those we protect.

In the ever-growing Las Vegas Valley, it is more important than ever to make sure that your investment is well protected so that your business can continue to be successful and profitable. A single, preventable security emergency can cost you thousands of dollars, if not loss of business altogether.

Archer West Security is ready to bring you commercial security services that will give you and your employees peace of mind.

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